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Librans are known though to have an achilles heel. Since they see all sides of an argument, in an effort to find the correctly balanced answer, they can often end up paralysed and fail to come to any conclusion. Suddenly when a Libran decides in favour of one side of an argument, the other side looms large and appears to take on a great significance.

Libra Love and Sex

In this way the Libran can't make a decision. What is the remedy for this?

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Since Libra is like Taurus ruled by Venus, Librans possess an appreciation and an affinity with beauty. Where the Taurus beauty can be quite earthly , the Libran energy being an Air sign can be a beauty in the realm of ideas and concepts.

Librans are known to be great appreciators of art and style. Librans often possess a certain social beauty. They often have charm and grace and diplomacy. If you are hosting a party or an eventy you would do well to have a Libran in charge as chances are it wil run very smoothly. Libran energy would influence a person to be a good artist, a diplomat and a marriage counsellor.

It's shadow side can be a person who can never make a decision and is ineffective in the world.

Libra Symbol, Signs and Meaning - A Complete Guide

Another shadow side of Libra is the person who takes justice to it's extreme, is out of touch with his emotions, and has no mercy on those around him. The most compatible zodiac signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius and the least compatible zodiac signs Cancer and Capricorn.

People with Libra rising in their natal chart or horoscope, tend to be charming, refined, attractive in some manner, gracious, appealing, indecisive, cooperative, sociable, creative, artistic, perhaps musically inclined, harmonious, and wanting to please and not make waves. The Zodiac symbol for Libra relates to the kidneys and liver.

Libra Personality Traits Those born under the zodiac symbol of Libra are considered to have the following personality traits:. Excellent judgement. Do not like arguments, thrive on harmony. Justice and fairness are important to Libra's.

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Libra Symbol - Facts. Libras is the middle sign of the Air Triplicity.

The best companions for Libra are those born under Aquarius or other Libra's. People born in this sign often have beautiful eyes and are tall and slender.

Associating Zodiac Signs With Elements

The Libra Symbol is governed by Venus. Libra Symbol gems are Diamond and Opal. Diseases and ailments that often affect those born under this symbol include nervous disorders and stomach problems. Faults of Libra include egotism. Libra Symbol - Definition. Meaning of Libra Symbol. Origin and History of Libra Symbol.

Facts about Libra Symbol. Pictures and Videos of Libra Symbol Discover the vast selection of pictures and videos which relate to the Libra Symbol which makes up one of the twelve symbols of the zodiac that we are familiar with. All of the articles and pages can be accessed via the Signology Index - a great educational resource for everyone! Find out the meaning of the Libra symbol as well as personality characteristics, facts and information about the Libra symbol.