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The qualifying cut-off was Sehwag reference may bring more bad than good to Rohit. Indian cricketers slam Imran Khan. Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma's stunning look at meet. Bumrah, a tragedy that must be averted. Watch: Golden moments between Federer-Nadal. The story is about the incidents following the coming of a group to repair an 'Uru' or a large boat. Malavika looks gorgeous in her latest click! Strictly for Hrithik, Tiger fans.

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Chiranjeevi is its biggest strength. Joaquin Phoenix shines in this dark tale. We can't get enough of Nathalia's throwback photoshoot! Thalapathy 64 heroine Malavika's new click. Salwars are forever.

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The changing game and challenges in India. Cocktails, deserts rise to new heights.

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Success and growth will be seen for the day. You will be cool in your mind and this will enable you to take major decisions. Aries Career and Business: Timely completion of work will be possible. You will receive due recognition from your superiors over your performance. Aries Love and Relationships: There will be positive feelings shared with your partner.

You will be able to spend quality time with your partner. Aries Money and Finances: Money flow will be smooth for the day. You will be able to increase your savings potential and enhance your financial prospects. Aries Health: There will not be any health problems for the day. You will appear to be very energetic. You will be fortunate to accomplish your goals. Your cheerful attitude will help you see good results. Taurus Career and Business: You will be praised for your skills with respect to your work. New job chances will give you happiness and open up plenty of opportunities too.

Taurus Love and Relationships: You will be able to share loving and sincere relations with your partner. This will pave way for a perfect understanding with your partner. Taurus Money and Finances: Monetary condition will bring about good satisfaction. There will be plenty of scope to increase your savings level. Taurus Health: Health will be smooth. Your optimistic attitude will keep you in good fitness. Short travel and changes will be possible. Lack of courage and determination will be seen in you for the day.

It is essential for you to be more cheerful. Gemini Career and Business: You may need to plan your way of work and do it systematically. You are likely to commit errors due to job pressure. Gemini Love and Relationships: Out of sheer insecure feelings and temptation, you may have careless talks with your partner. You need to avoid such talks and be more mature in your approach towards your partner. Gemini Money and Finances: Insufficiency of money will leave you in a worried state. You will find it difficult to save enough amount of money.

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Gemini Health:Chances of headache and throat pain may be possible. It will be good to take care of your health. Cancer Tomorrow Horoscope - Wednesday, 12th April, Cancer General: The day will require you be alert and focused on your goals to achieve progress. You need to be very systematic and practical in your approach.

It will be good for you to avoid taking vital decisions. Cancer Career and Business: You may need to be very attentive while doing your work. This is most required to avoid errors. Cancer Love and Relationships: You may tend to utter careless words to your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to avoid such words and remain pleasant in conversation.

Cancer Money and Finances: There are chances for you to lose money due to negligence. You need to be very careful in handling your finances. Cancer Health:You need to take care of your teeth as there may be chances of teeth pain. You need to be careful in your diet. You will possess a balanced frame of mind that will enable you to take good decisions. Leo Career and Business: You will be able to perform well due to your determined spirit.

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  4. You will receive the support from your superiors. Leo Love and Relationships: You will be able to show love and affection towards your partner. This will enable you to deepen the bonds with your partner. Leo Money and Finances: Money flow will yield satisfaction in you.

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