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During this transit, there is a possibility of being strongly attracted to a group. Pluto rules obsessions. Watch out for cults. On the other hand, you may become affiliated with a group that has positive goals and devote a lot of time to them. Even then, however, be careful of overdoing it. Friendships tend to change under this transit. Other friendships intensify. If Pluto makes stress aspects to planets in your birth horoscope while transiting this house, you will have to be careful of betrayal by a friend, or what you view as a betrayal.

Your hopes and wishes will be affected as well. Some of them will no longer seem attractive and you will let them die. And you may become fanatic about other goals. Pluto transits give the energy and focus to really achieve things. Just be careful not to overdo it. Few goals are worth putting yourself in intensive care. Pluto loves to go through dustbins and dumpsters. During this transit, old psychological problems, that you thought you had dealt with years earlier, come up again and demand to be heard. Just face them easier said than done, but you have to do it. This is also the house of hidden enemies.

No, you are not standing there minding your own business and these nasty people come at you. Check your own behavior to make sure that you are not doing something to irritate them and set them off. Pluto Transits in Aspect to the Natal Sun: When transiting Pluto makes a stressful aspect to your natal Sun a conjunction, opposition, or square the first thing you notice is that you feel very drained.

I remember when this one first hit me. To be certain that it was Pluto, I called someone whom I knew had this transit a few years earlier. Pluto is a slow moving planet, so its effects will last about two years. Little things that you would normally ignore will suddenly seem extremely significant and overwhelming.

Yes, you can feel drained, sometimes very drained. But the worse this gets, the more people around you will say how wonderful you look. Makes you look great on the outside while feeling terrible inside. So what do you do when this hits you? Take everything with that proverbial grain of salt. If anything gets to you, ask yourself if it would have irritated you a few years earlier.

If the answer is no, then you know that it is just Pluto having some fun. Another thing you can do is to fix things up or throw them out. As for the insomnia, as W. The transiting sextile and trine aspects are totally different. They can make you feel energized, stronger, less fearful. Things are going your way, so why push. Take advantage of that new found energy.

One more thing. If you are normally passive, Pluto can easily bring people into your life who will try to dominate you. Or you may suddenly have the desire to be very aggressive. See if you can transmute that into assertiveness instead. Pluto is extremes, death and rebirth, power struggles, getting rid of things and people. The harmonious aspects sextile and trine simply bring a desire for change and a deeper awareness of the emotional level in your relationships. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition are, well, stressful. Fears and angry emotions you repressed since childhood come rushing to the surface.

This is a good time to enter psychotherapy since you are wide open and can make great progress at this time. Clean up your house. Transform yourself. Shallowness turns you off with this transit, no matter what the aspect. This is a great time to get interested in new ideas, to start studying seriously. Especially the subjects ruled by Pluto. Psychology, sociology, biology, paleontology, archeology. Pluto governs anything that has to do with death and rebirth. Pluto is very good at getting secrets. Words have a greater impact now, in both directions.

Your words can have an effect on others like they never have before. And the words you hear or read can affect you more strongly as well. If Pluto is making a stress aspect, watch what you say. Your speech can be a lot more caustic at this time.

Pluto knows just where to wound. Hopefully, you will have a decent relationship going when this one hits. A lot. Pluto rules the deep subconscious and all your inner desires, frustrations, and hang-ups start to come to the surface during the stressful transiting aspects. This time, they can affect your love life. It wants depth and intensity. Even obsession. If you have a stressful aspect, watch out for power struggles. Your partners may try to dominate or manipulate you during this time. You might try to do the same to them. If you are an artist or work at something creative, you will start to feel a need to produce something more significant, more intense.

Go with that feeling. The smooth aspects sextile and trine tend to produce the intensity without most of the stress. If it is in your 4th House, for instance, this transit may manifest as a desire to fix up your house, or even to move. Also, check the houses that have either Libra or Taurus on the cusp beginning. They can be affected as well. For example, if you have Libra on the cusp of the 9th House long journeys and higher education you may have a desire to travel to some far-off, exotic, and mysterious place. Or you could want to take an art course. Several of these could manifest at once.

Just a few days before I wrote this, I had a client who was meek and mild. Pluto was going right over her Mars and she was very upset because, all of a sudden, she wanted to tell people off. Even her friends. It simply brought up emotions that had been repressed for years. A couple of years before this, I had Pluto going over my Mars. A guy in a pizza parlor tried to short change me and I yelled so loud they could have heard me across the street.

Mars is energy and Pluto supercharges it, for better or worse. But any aspect that transiting Pluto makes to your Mars increases your Energy. Make certain that you give it a constructive outlet, otherwise It could be you who is exploding, or, if you hold that energy down too much, you could attract aggressive and shady people into your life.

Avoid dark alleys even more than you usually do. Or, since Pluto rules extremes, you may tend to become a bit fanatical, believing that you have found some great truth. They indicate a good time to go forward with major projects major for you, that is furthering education, taking long trips, or getting involved in social issues. Pluto Transits in Aspect to Natal Saturn: The stressful aspects can make you believe that everything you need for safety and security is being destroyed. To some extent, this is true. Mostly though, it just feels that way.

Saturn is the planet of fear. Pluto brings it out. Fortunately, Saturn also rules persistence and discipline and Pluto can activate those things as well. This can be an excellent time to start a long-term program of change. Want to do over your house? How about a weight reduction or work-out program?

This can be a great time for things like that. In fact, circumstances may force you in those directions. Be sure to check out which houses Uranus and Pluto Rule in your birth chart as well as which houses they Occupy. These will be the areas of greatest change. Naturally, the stressful aspects square and opposition are naturally more difficult to deal with.

Friends can go out of your life now. The smooth aspects bring changes with less stress. Under these transits, believers can become atheists and atheists become believers. It just makes changes. Those areas will be the ones to be affected the most. The smooth aspects sextile and trine strengthen intuition and imagination. Pluto Transits in Aspect to Natal Pluto : Since Pluto is in the fast part of its orbit, it is possible to experience the opposition if you plan to live to your eighties and nineties.

Get ready for the best sex you ever had! Sure, it can turn your life upside down, but who cares. Actually, you had better check out the House that Pluto occupies in your birth chart, as well as the one it is transiting through. All of those areas of your life are probably going to be affected as well. Check your health because Pluto rules diseases that stay hidden and build up slowly not that you will get anything like that, but better safe than sorry.

Watch out for sudden anger and obsessions as well. As always with Pluto, utilize this transit for fixing things up rehabilitation including yourself, and for throwing things out elimination. The smooth aspects give you the ability to make changes without the stresses, strains, and obsessions of the square.

You will tend to become more commanding and domineering. If you try to suppress this, you will attract people who will try to dominate you until you finally assert yourself.

Transits Here & Now: Current Chart

The square and opposition have a similar effect, but the emphasis is more on tumultuous relationships. You are very community minded and should function as an active participant and cohesive force in your community or group. Beware of becoming extreme or fixed in dogma. Mercury is now transiting your privacy sector, dear Gemini, and during this cycle that runs until June 12th, you tend to be more contemplative than communicative.

You might also be somewhat hesitant about making decisions as you take more time to absorb and digest information before coming to conclusions. This can be a good time for seeing recent events from a different perspective. Relations can be a little tense with or among friends today, and tension may be more about power and control than the issues that are brought up. People can be temperamental. You may be a little conflicted about how deep your feelings run for someone.

Think about goals for friendships and networking that you may want to achieve over the coming weeks, and set your intentions with the New Moon tomorrow. Creativity: Fair. Venus moves through your intimacy sector starting today, and until October 28th, dear Aquarius, and this brings out your more intense feelings. Superficial interactions become glaringly intolerable, and you seek a little more from love.

The only potential problem with this position of Venus is the possibility that you create emotional dramas in order to satisfy a hunger for emotional excitement. Swinging from overly idealistic notions to negative feelings is quite possible now. Of course, the truth lies somewhere in between.

How Your Zodiac Sign Changes Over Time (And How It Affects Your Life)

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. We need to express them. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet.

The real 4PM time gave a Gemini moon 3. Fo reeel? You guys, I raise my hands up in defeat and go with whatever my betters say it is. And guess what? None of the charts were an identical match with their previous copies. Is this supposed to happen - charts changing?

Anybody know? As an aside you guys, why is the first reaction to get totally upset about the moon thing? No offence to Geminis out there btw. Cafe Astrology has been my one my only since day one. The prize goes to astrowin. On Saturday afternoon, a new cycle begins. The New Moon in Aries is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Ram. This is a strong cycle under which to re-evaluate our relationship to ourselves. With this potent Aries energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and thus a New Moon in Aries is especially ripe with opportunity for new beginnings.

We might consider acting on a constructive impulse and following a hunch, or taking a risk. Aries learns through experience and action, so we might treat ourselves to a little adventure now. We might also find ways to learn how to rely on ourselves and to be happy about doing so - it will go a long way towards finding inner happiness when we know that we can be self-sufficient without blaming others for not helping us out. Your need to create and express yourself has been powerful in the past few months, dear Aquarius, and this trend will continue until June of next year. Some of you have welcomed a new member to your family, others have discovered new avenues of self-expression through a hobby or creative pastime, and others have been experiencing the excitement of romantic expression.

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You are more fulfilled when you can bring something special to the world at this point in your life. Now is the time to nurture these things in yourself and to share them with others. External image. You are a very bright and interesting person. Your thoroughly unique spin on life is generally appreciated by others. You possess a certain amount of poise that earns respect, but you can also be very humorous and playful when the mood grabs you - and in fact, you can be quite moody and sometimes difficult to truly get close to.

You are capable of making great sacrifices, and you recover quickly from reversals of fortune. When a Quarter Moon occurs in your Return chart, as it does this year, you are at some sort of a turning point in your life, in terms of personal growth. Events that occur this year act as catalysts that get you in touch with some important issues in your emotional life.

Your emotions run high, and mood swings or identity crises are possible. There may be some kind of conflict in your life arising from a great urge to do something different. The year ahead promises to be a busy, dynamic, and significant period in your life. Saturn opposes your Sun this year starting in November During this time period, you may experience some form of disillusionment with regards to an important person in your life, with authority figures, with personal plans and achievements, or with aspects of your own personality.

R29 Original Series

Some sort of buckling down is necessary at this time, and is often perceived as limitations coming from other people or from circumstances. Take the time to sort out your life, improve your work, and to become more efficient. Taking a slow and steady approach to life is necessary now. Pushing too hard will likely lead to frustration and setbacks. Take it easy and work on self-improvement.

Results are not immediate, but will eventually come and bring healthy rewards. You might renew and deepen love commitments or social connections. Strong and stimulating—even motivating—attractions to others are likely. Secret loves or attractions may develop and existing relationships tend to rise to a higher level of insight and understanding. You could move mountains when it comes to pushing your projects ahead this year. However, avoid taking extreme measures to make things happen your way, and avoid people who might be doing same.

Deliberately trying to maneuver things in order to get the upper hand will be a lesson in frustration. Mercury conjunct Jupiter indicates that your ability to express yourself and to solve problems is enhanced. You may have opportunities to travel this year, and matters related to publishing, teaching, and writing should go especially well. You may find that you have the right information at the right time this year. You could also have big ideas and plans. Work, especially in communications, goes well.

Your optimism can help you to attract positive circumstances into your life. You are especially enthusiastic about your ideas, and expressing yourself verbally and in written from comes easily. Public relations and negotiations tend to run especially smoothly. This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run. The year ahead is especially strong for financial planning, communications, and learning endeavors. You can also reach a new level of commitment with your work, although you should avoid pushing yourself or others!

Patience helps bring success socially and romantically speaking. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people.

This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice - be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect. Ruled by Jupiter. This is a year of sociability. It is a friendly time, when it is easy to enjoy life and other people. Focus is on personal freedom, reaching out to others, making new friends, and exploration. You are more enthusiastic and ready for adventure. Advice - reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.

Did it mess up the server or are people frantically searching for stuff today? When Venus in Leo people are in love, they are proud, even boastful. This position of Venus can turn humble Virgo Suns or retiring Cancer Suns into somewhat demanding lovers. Venus in Leo loves to court and be courted, and they need to feel very special. They are warm, generous, and even grand. Be prepared for their displays: they will tell you about any advances members of the opposite sex make on them.

Venus in Leo wants to appear experienced in love, even if they have little or no experience whatsoever!

They are also threatened by indifferent or impersonal behavior on your part. Although their needs for physical expression through sex are generally quite strong, their need for love is perhaps even stronger. It is hard for Venus in Leo people to separate love and sex, and even their most erotic fantasies are infused with love and affection.

For this reason, few Venus in Leo folk would last long in a relationship that is mostly sexual. On the flip side, they may last longer in a love-only relationship in the absence of satisfying sex, but they are unlikely to feel very satisfied. Pleasing Venus in Leo involves paying loads of attention to them.

Respect and appreciate them, always. Put up with their childlike moments and their tall tales. They want to be seen as attractive by you, so avoid at all costs! They actually lose interest when they perceive the slightest loss of interest in their partner, and you can expect that any letdown will be acted out in a dramatic fashion. Remind them, in a gentle way, that your emotions count too. If you are feeling a little jealous, let them know.

Remember, to Venus in Leo, your small jealousies are affirmations that you find them attractive and expect the rest of the world to as well. Let them decide where to go on a date, and let them pay too. When Venus in Leo feels loved and appreciated, they reward you with loyalty, a big sense of fun, and plenty of physical expressions of their love. Let me show you a good time. Love is magnificent and grand to Venus in Leo people.

They take pride in love and their love relationships, and they are typically generous with their money. This is a warmhearted, teasing, expressive, proud, and extravagant placement for Venus. Love is a bit of a game—a game that is perpetual, as Venus in Leo is forever stuck in the romance stage of a relationship. They feed on attention, acknowledgement, validation, and adoration. Venus in Leo loves to be adored, pampered, and admired. They have a strong ego investment in their love lives.

The negative expression of this placement is overstating of feelings simply for the effect, as well as extravagance. Venus in Leo people may spend a lot on entertainment or sometimes just to show off!

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They generally are big tippers and give special and generous gifts. They are attracted to art, furnishings, clothing, and music that is bold and passionate, renaissance, lush or opulent, lavishly comfortable, and romantic. Want to get to know me better? Tough shit! Keep reading. Venus is now in Scorpio, where she will transit until December 15th, dear Aquarius. During this cycle, making personal contact with people in positions of authority or with the public can enhance your career and reputation.

You can bring added charm to your professional dealings. You might also meet someone through your business. Today, however, something said might be taken the wrong way, or you can feel slighted. Avoid pushing too hard. You are determined and stubborn at times, sometimes struggling with worries and insecurities. You have true respect for anything that has withstood the test of time, and for most of those older than you.

You are excellent with design and anything that requires order and balance, as you have an eye for these things. You have all of the ingredients for attracting financial success. You have a markedly sarcastic yet fun sense of humor, which stems from a very keen sense of what is going on around you. You like to make a statement, shock more conservative folk, and you have a flair for the dramatic. Because you are progressive and not especially afraid of expressing your quirkiness, you can be prone to getting in trouble, but generally recover quickly.

You actually possess a very practical, resourceful, and strong character. You experience many transformations through your personal relationships, which are passionate and challenging. Your mind is fertile this year, and you are able to blend practical thinking with imagination. You can talk your way into, or out of, almost anything.

You can be successful in an artistic area this year. Your great imagination and ability to understand and formulate artistic ideas are big assets, but if taken too far, you could imagine a little too much and lose sight of reality at times! You are ready to experiment, but not necessarily ready to commit. You have a taste for the offbeat this year, and sudden or unexpected romance can arrive in your life, perhaps a scenario that feels like love at first sight. However, you should watch out for tendencies towards self-deception.

Things might look too good to be true at times, simply because you want to see the best. Relationship ups and downs are possible, as this could be a year when romantic mirages are more likely. You are able to find new insight into old problems, and your thinking processes during this period are likely to be especially original. This is a good year for projects involving technology or New Age topics. You may find more opportunities to attend meetings and other organized group activities, to communicate online, and to take part in activities involving computers, science, or metaphysics.

Relationships with younger people in your life are rewarding. A subject or even a person can be especially inspiring, prompting you to explore new perspectives. You are likely to have new interests this year, as well as increased opportunities for new friendships. Socially, you are braver and more willing to branch out and experiment. The tendency towards self-deception, however, should be watched for. Glossing over important details can be costly. Ruled by Mars. This is a year of completion and transition. It is a time when we need to let go of things that no longer serve their purpose, and hold on to things that have a future.

It is a time of cleaning out dead wood, not necessarily for new beginnings. It can be a time when a burden has been taken off your shoulders, and it can be a year of giving of yourself. Advice - let go of things that are holding you back, give of yourself and express your sympathetic, compassionate side. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later.

Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice - Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence. Tomorrow, you begin a decidedly more outgoing phase - one that you feel especially comfortable with as the Sun will be transiting a sector of your chart that is associated with your sign.

Over the coming month, your more adventurous and exploratory nature is stimulated. This morning, a hard angle between Mars and Pluto can point to intense desires that are difficult to satisfy straightforwardly. A tendency to bully, push, or confront may dominate. Efforts to make changes could be thwarted, or power struggles emerge. The trick is to remain flexible and to develop strategies for achieving our goals. Venus enters Gemini this morning, where it will transit until July 4th. Curiosity motivates us on romantic and social levels during this cycle.

We are sociable, communicative, and interested. We can be animated and fun but may also keep our distance on an emotional level. Attractions now may begin with words, as we tend to bond more readily on a mental level with Venus in Gemini. The shadow side of Gemini is fickleness. View On WordPress. Jupiter has been enlivening your career and reputation sector for the last two months, dear Pisces, and will continue to bring prosperity to these areas of your life until December.

This transit is strong for confidence about your ability to lead, direct your life, and advance your professional interests. However, a Jupiter-Neptune square happening now can introduce some temporary challenges. Disorganization or personal insecurities can leave you feeling less than capable or may distract from your attention to your worldly concerns. If this aspect stirs up an identity crisis of sorts, as both planets are your rulers and Neptune happens to be in your sign, you may need to take a closer look at problems with your image and concept of independence.

Defining your priorities and pushing yourself to rise above your vulnerabilities may help. Remind yourself of your worth and get yourself more organized, as insecurities now may be due to some level of self-neglect or lack of awareness of all that you have to offer. Aim to avoid avoidance! Try not to stay in a state of limbo which is a real waste of time and opportunity. Decisions made now tend to be practical and well thought out, and work done now is likely to beget tangible results in the future.

Conversations may be spare but to the point. Manifestation and achievement are what satisfy. From October-November forward, the North Node is in your sign. This continues throughout and until May This transit brings a strong need to discover your independence, and very much reinforces the transit of Jupiter in your sign — freedom and independence are everything to you right now! Your challenge is to learn how to rely on yourself, which ultimately will bring you joy and opportunity.

This does not mean excluding a partner from your life, although it can for some of you.

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For many, though, it simply means that in order to experience balanced relationships, you need to work on building internal peace, rather than focusing on achieving peace and balance through relationships. Ideas are in the stewing stage and you intuitively know not to share them until you are clearer about them, dear Aquarius. This is because Mars, the planet of action, is in the sign just behind yours, and thus in your soul and privacy sector.

This morning, Mars forms a tense aspect to your ruler. You may not even be able to pinpoint the exact reason for discontent - it might even have come from an unusual dream. Try not to let it interfere with your day. Worries tend to be overblown now, although you may find that others are questioning your actions more than usual. Resolution tends to come by late morning. Allow yourself to relax and let go of such limiting states of mind as guilt and worry. Log in Sign up. I am about to post a series on moon signs. Venus sextile Saturn. Mercury Square Neptune. Capricorn woman. Capricorns in Love A Capricorn woman neither falls in love at first sight, nor wastes time on mindless flirtations.

Capricorn and Relationships Appearances may be deceiving when it comes to Capricorns. Capricorn and Friendships The Goat has a pragmatic approach to her friendships. Capricorn and Sex While the Capricorn woman would like you to believe that she is the epitome of cool, calm pragmatism, nothing could be further from the truth in the bedroom. Capricorn and Fashion Status and image are important to a Capricorn, and you will never find the goat with a messy coat.

Sun Square Pluto. Moon in the 12th House. Venus Conjunct Neptune. They abhor anything that fences them in. They need to feel like they have space. Gemini and Friendship: Gemini make very interesting and exciting friends. They like to leave their mark on everyone they meet. They are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore new places.

But when they come back, they will have new thoughts, opinions and interesting things to share and ideas to teach. Gemini horoscope sun sign astrology cafe astrology linda goodman love signs.

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Saturn in Scorpio to Saturn Transits cafeastrology. This cafeastrology. Saturn in Scorpio and the Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Saturn will occupy the sign of Scorpio from October 5, to December 23, ; and then finishes up its transit from June 14, to September 17, Via Cafe Astrology. Moon Sign - Gemini. Bolded what I think is extremely true about me. Sun Sign - Leo. Also, I love reading these things. Damn cafe astrology handing my ass on a plate today. Personality descriptions based on birth chart.

A Lunar Eclipse Occurs on October 8th: A general rule of thumb regarding eclipses is to avoid major decision-making in the week before and after an eclipse. A Solar Eclipse Occurs on October 23rd: A general rule of thumb regarding eclipses is to avoid major decision-making in the week before and after an eclipse. Wednesday, April 6, Daily Horoscope- Aquarius. Whoa… calm your tiddies people!