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You feel more confident and motivated after this. Socially, you are likely to win hearts of people and command respect through your behaviour and deeds. Planets in the cosmos are highly supportive of parenthood — for those who are eager to conceive. Over the weekend, planets shuffle in a way that pushes ahead your financial prospects.

Many times, some unfavourable situations take place unknowingly, unexpectedly and you cannot do anything about it. This week, a sudden turn of events on the personal front may spoil your equations with a loved one. The difference of opinions shall possibly lead to a fall-out. However, do not hold grudges against the concerned person.

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Instead, be sensitive; put yourself in their shoes to understand their point of view. This may give you a chance to iron out the issues and resolve the matter amicably. Students, during this phase, are likely to neglect their academics as they may be occupied by something on the personal front. Be more attentive, advises Ganesha. Over the weekend, you may act more responsibly while handling financial matters — why? Because Mercury traverses in the 4th House, in the company of Jupiter and Sun.

Mainly keeping yourself busy with domestic matters, this week offers a heady mix of both, personal and professional developments. A renovation or minor repair work at home shall need your immediate attention on the home front. Businessmen shall be keen to expand their business and promote various tactics to promote sales. Rest assured, you are likely to be successful to some extent. Students pursuing graduation in science or technology will work hard, putting extra hours learning new concepts. No wonder, you shall make desired progress in near future.

Post-graduate students too shall stay focused on academics. Favourable planetary alignment may facilitate socialising and developing relations with influential people. However, the family members are kind enough to give you an option between love marriage and an arranged one. A new-found relationship may be a reason to cheer and rejoice. But deal cautiously as Moon connects with wily Saturn and malefic Ketu.

Businessmen need to gear up and try to build contact with overseas companies for better prospects. Over Thursday, Mercury takes entry in Sagittarius. Now Mercury moves in the company of Jupiter and Sun through the 2nd House. Financially, you are likely to be stable and carry out day-to-day expenses with ease. However, health demands attention as sudden seasonal change may take a toll on your health.

Finance and family are likely to remain your area of concern as the week begins. In case you have been experiencing a financial crunch lately, the situation is likely to improve soon, foresees Ganesha. The presence of mighty Sun and benevolent Jupiter in your Sign signify prosperous times ahead. You shall come across many opportunities to earn money and make up for the losses incurred during the past weeks.

No wonder you feel highly motivated to put in your best and make it big! With wily Saturn and malefic Ketu moving through the 2nd House corresponding to finance, be very guarded while taking important financial decisions — never trust anyone with your money. Couples, this is a phase for a successful conception, if you are eager to become parents.

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Brushing up your communication skills and updating yourself with the latest technology shall be your primary agenda this week. If you're not sure what your zodiac sign is, here's all you need to know.

There are 12 astrological signs , also known as signs of the zodiac. Some people believe that different signs of the zodiac reveal a person's different characteristics and talents. The dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below, however, those are not exact as no one can fully determine the specific dates. S I love my birthday. Katherine Mendoza December 9. XoonieV so accurate sag rule. Jessica December 9th baby!!

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We're awesome people. This helps me understand him a little better.

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Elizabeth Very true about me also!! I'm always trying to improve me and my life and hate being bored! DipinaO So true. We rock! Love my dec 9 birthday! Diamond Very true, I am glad to know because I feel this inside me and most times things happen like magic in my favor Thank God for my Dec 9. Hank I personally know 5 people in my small town with Dec 9 birthday. We are obviously the best!!

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Leo I wish us all the best December Niners. Krishna Oh My God! Exactly True Omer We have rules and regulations Athiz Very true and i'm proud to be a 9th of December Good luck all Birthdaymate.. Vera Very Very True about me. Coolkidchristine This is so accurate Yay for dec niners. Freckles We rule. Dec 9 Yess i love being the 9.

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Joseph Exactly true! Your name:. Anthony Born on the 9th December [Reply] [Cancel reply]. S I love my birthday [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Katherine Mendoza December 9 [Reply] [Cancel reply]. XoonieV so accurate sag rule [Reply] [Cancel reply]. We're awesome people [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Thank God for my Dec 9 [Reply] [Cancel reply]. December Niners [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Coolkidchristine This is so accurate Yay for dec niners [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Freckles We rule [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Dec 9 Yess i love being the 9 [Reply] [Cancel reply].