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For Metaphysics, just anything grabs from the air can be used. So whatever time is given, just use it. In my practice, I found that in Chinese Astrology — Four Pillars of Destiny and Zi wei Dau Shu, the birth time is very important in relation to calculate the luck, especially when calculating the pregnant for a female since the Hour Pillar is the Children's House.

Year Pillar

The birth time I use in my readings are different from all of the above three schools. I use Solar Time in my reading.

The birth hour is known as Time. In Chinese Astrology there is a saying: "If the birthday hour is faked, the destiny or luck justified is incorrect. So that Time which has a meaning of: "The Sun shines on every inch of the land".

Bazi Chinese astrology is based on the four pillars

It is much more accurate to use Local Solar Time. What is Solar time? It is an outcome of Chinese metaphysics which is special, interesting but the accurate is debatable. Answers App.

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Year Pillar. Born September 29, at p. Denver, Colorado. Here under are the lucky elements for you: Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9 Lucky Colors: green, red, purple Lucky Flowers: rose, oncidium, cymbidium orchids Lucky Directions: east, southeast, south. Your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit.

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Thus your lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9. Hi, Amisha, you are still young. Thus don't worry.

The Birth Time For Chinese Astrology – Four Pillars of Destiny

The prediction shows that you will find a soul mate in During this period of time, you can find several ways to improve the personal charm. It represents the fortune from age 17 to In body, it means chest and back. Month Pillar represents a person's Siblings Palace, as well as his parents and siblings in the original family.

Four pillars for health and well-being: finding your balance – Beth Grace, USA

Generally, it means a person's fortune from age 16 to If the month pillar is remedy, it symbolizes the original family is well-off and his parents are successful in career. But if the month pillar belongs to an element against him, it means his parents are average or can only offer limited help. Day Pillar is flower, just like that in the nature. Day Stem represent self while Day Branch means partner. It represents the gains and losses in middle age and the ups and downs of marriage It represents the fortune from age 33 to In body, it means waist and abdomen.

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Day Pillar represents self or partner and governs from age 32 to If the day stem or branch is restricted or in conflict, the person may part for ever with his partner - especially when the month branch is also in conflict. If it is self punishment, the person will suffer from misfortunes, mostly casualty and danger.

When the month branch is remedy, it means the partner will be helpful and from a well-off family and the two can enjoy a happy marriage; also, the person will be quite blissed and successful in career from age 32 to If the day branch belongs to an element against him, it means a less satisfactory partner, a poorly off family or an unhappy marriage and things will go contrary to his wishes.

Hour Pillar is fruit, just like the fruit of flowers and trees. It represents Children Palace. It means a person's honor and disgrace in old age and the wisdom of his children. It represents the fortune from age 48 to In body, it means legs and feet.