Gemini horoscope for 3 february 2020

Of all the signs, Gemini, you appreciate trivial holidays the most, so from the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish you a happy Groundhog's Day! It's an exciting Groundhog's Day indeed, as your ruling planet, Mercury, will clash with Jupiter on February 2.

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The energy is over-the-top, and some big ideas are floating in the air, but don't get carried away—although the vibe will be stimulating early this February, details will be missing and people are going to be prone exaggerating. Focus on having fun and getting to know people better, not on decision-making.

Sweet, seductive Venus enters Aries, a sign that loves the thrill of the chase, on February 3.

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This will be especially exciting for your social life, Gemini. You're likely going to meet a lot of new people and join some exciting, inspiring communities. Venus rules love and money, in addition to concepts like fairness and value. What's important to you in a friend? In a community?

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

What are your hopes and wishes for the future? These questions will become even more important next month during the Venus retrograde, which starts on March 4 and ends on April 15, but we'll discuss that in March's horoscope! For now, enjoy connecting with people and sharing ideas.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Aquarius on February 7, which will bring a welcome shift in energy. Your mind was focused on some dark stuff while Mercury was in serious Capricorn, and when Geminis get dark, things tend to get pretty intense. Luckily, meditating on the shadows has created a transformation within you, and when Mercury enters Aquarius, you'll feel absolutely ready to face the world—it's likely some travel will come your way or that you'll go on an adventure soon.


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If you're in school or taking classes, Mercury in genius Aquarius will certainly be helpful. The first eclipse of the year arrives on February a lunar eclipse in Leo. Eclipses are exhausting, so don't overbook yourself around this date.

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You're going to need as much time to yourself and as much wiggle room to reschedule things as possible. This eclipse will deliver shocking, unexpected news, and you're likely to rearrange a lot of your life because of it! If there's a conversation that you've been avoiding, the eclipse will make you face it. I know—a Gemini avoiding a phone call? Unheard of! Or so people think. But you're just like everyone else, Gemini. Just because you're a good communicator doesn't mean your feelings don't ever get in the way.

Gemini, February 2017

To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with rat sign or place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship. Health Your luck for health will decline significantly in You may often work overtime and stay up late, resulting the irregular hours. Also, you may get quite sensitive, care too much about others' opinions and views, and suffer from insomnia or headache.

Gemini Horoscope 2020 - Complete Horoscope Prediction 2020 For Gemini Zodiac Sign

You are suggested to seek medical treatment timely when you feel uncomfortable, get in more touch with nature, learn to adjust the mentality, keep a positive attitude and develop a light and well-balanced diet to benefit your health. Pay attention to traffic safety when going out and do not drive when you are in a bad mood.

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Green agate bracelet with rat sign is a good lucky charm for you Rats to exorcise evil spirits and protect health. Overview The overall horoscope prediction for is less satisfactory for Rat people born in Your career will hit a bottleneck and overall consideration shall be made on how to further develop it. Challenge in love and relationship, and children at the playing and restless age will be undoubtedly thorns for you Rats born in As for health, you will labor and toil with mind and body, which can cause health issues.

In , your career development will hit a bottleneck. At this age, you might be in middle or top management of your company and will be a critical year for you as you may strive for further improvement or keep the status just as it is, or even be replaced by someone else. This year, you should pay more attention to the state and changes of people around, do your own work well, and get prepared pertinently.

According to the horoscope prediction, you will have stable fortune for wealth.

Gemini Career 2020: The best phase

Despite the career faced with choices, your wealth will not be affected due to your inherent keenness. In addition to regular wages and various bonus incomes, Rats may also invest in spare time, which will bring you certain luck in making money. Backed by the financial planning as well as income and expenditure planning in daily life, your fortune for finance can be somewhat stable in Love Relationship Love and relationship can be very unstable for you Rat people born in , which will be contributed by the stress of competition in workplace and various family conflicts. In particular, you will have to face the problems of your children and find it hard to fix.

For example, children are in rebellion period and have a poor attitude towards study. Facing all kinds of problems, you should actively communicate with your family to prevent them from going unmanageable. Your luck for health will be poor. The career, family and other issues will make you stretch to the limit and cause health problems like insomnia and poor sleep quality. Since you Rats are currently the backbone of your family, you should adjust properly, do more exercise, communicate more with your family and be nice to your children, so as to be understood and trusted.

Once you get psychological comfort, you will be in good health. Click the following link to get cures:. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1.