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I used a template that doesn't seem to exist any more, but it looked a lot like this one. It was the perfect size and shape. Trace the shape on your poster board and cut out the cardboard foundation for the hats. It's really sticky! Be sure to leave close to an inch of extra fabric around the edges. Tie a knot in each end, leaving at least a half an inch of tail past the knot. Use a stapler to staple the cord to the hat, making sure to staple below the knot.

For extra security, you can put a bit of hot glue over the staple, knot, and the tail of the elastic cord. Glue a ruffle of ribbon along the bottom.

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This, happily, also covers up the staple on the outside. I had a lot of straight satin ribbon and pleated it myself, but you can buy pre-ruffled ribbon edging at any fabric store. Cut a 2. Use a needle and thread and a simple running stitch to gather the tulle.

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Once all the tulle is on the thread, squish it down to the end, where it will catch on the knot in the thread and make a lovely round tulle puff. These hats fit all ages at the party, from two to adult.

8 mini paper top hats for all occasions: Easy craft creations for you to make and wear!

I'm just glad the birthday girl loved hers! Comments These hats are SO beautiful! Thanks for another wo I loved all the table wear accessories but wanted to add a DIY element into the mix! First I opened up one of the yellow hats and used it as a guide to make the crusty edge. I traced the edge of the hat for the bottom edge size but then did a rough line about an inch higher to make the crust.

To make the party hats you will need:

Next I cut out all the pizza topping shapes using my Cricut Explore Air machine. Head over to the Birthday In A Box blog to see more of this cute party!

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This will help a lot. Many thanks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My Account Happythought shop. Click here to buy all the templates for the Mini top hat set Happythought mini paper top hats — a brief history: When I first set my heart on wearing a mini top hat I had a few hurdles to overcome! Fun party paper top hat templates Paper party hats for parties and fiestas! Add some finishing touchers to your mini top hat!