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The Fraternitas Saturni, by Stephen E. Poppets and Magical Dolls, by Lucya Starza.

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Occultnik Cabal. When viewed from a multi-incarnational perspective, experience is even more relevant. The collective learning of the entirety of the lifetime becomes earned wisdom. The entirety of the experience of that lifetime is carried through as part of their wisdom.


Consciousness individually is the earned wisdom of all the previous lifetimes of experience in all prior incarnations. It is for this reason that each of us carries a different and unique degree of consciousness.

Soul - Centered Astrology - Scorpio: Sign Of Death But The Key To A Better Life

We are each bringing with us all of our unique prior life experiences. We begin to understand ourselves astrologically related to our consciousness through this lens. Everything is vibration. Just as we experience the powerful, energetic vibration of the sun indeed we could not exist without its emanation , so also the planetary bodies of the solar system impact us, however more subtly.

Each planet, planetoid, and constellation are unique in its energetic expression, and so influences us differently. For most of us, our main task is to align and coordinate our personality vehicles. The components of the personality vehicles are the energy etheric physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body. These vehicles must work together in a coordinated and organized way for us to be effective in the world. During this phase of our development, exoteric or traditional astrology is a very useful tool to help us understand ourselves, our drives, and needs more deeply.

Soul Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self

Explore more about spiritual awakening and the process of soul — personality fusion. Traditional astrology is more appropriate for those who have not yet awakened to their higher spiritual purpose. Traditional astrology helps us to more deeply explore who we are, how we interact in the world, how we build relationships and work within our social systems.

The forces emanating from the planets and their influence on our day-to-day life are significant here. In traditional astrology, the Sun represents the ego or personality self. The sun sign provides essential clues for the quality of your expression in the world.

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The primary task here is in coordinating the personality vehicles for integration and, ultimately, awakening to the higher spiritual being. The lower three chakras are very active at this time in our development.

The Moon represents the emotional life. It provides clues to the feeling nature, unconscious impulses or instinctual drives, and how you nurture and feel nurtured. The sign and placement of the moon may also provide clues to childhood. The ascendant represents the persona and how you present yourself to the world. It can describe your identity, clues to your actual physical appearance.

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In a very practical way, it indicates your physical self. The ascendant is what your life is about. Soul-Centered or Esoteric Astrology is relevant for those who are awake to their higher spiritual influence and more intentionally working on manifesting the soul and its purpose in their life. When the personality has become significantly coordinated, the soul makes contact. At this point in the incarnational cycle, the individual has reached a level of effectiveness where the soul can begin to work in the substance of form.

The energy of the lower chakras begins to lift to the corresponding chakras above the waist.

The Heart center begins to open, and the solar plexus energy begins to lift to the heart. Book Description Crossing Pr.

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